At The Steve Allen Theater Tonight!

Wake Up World!
Half The Content, twice the time!

Final Show March 18th, 8p
Tickets: $10

"The best thing I've seen in a million years!" --Rachel Maddow
"A great show!" --Ed Begley, Jr
"Brilliant!" --Ann Meara

Wake Up World is the latest project from the Comedy Ensemble Shoot The Messenger, the brainchild of “The Daily Show” co-creator, Lizz Winstead. It is a satire of the ever expanding bloated morning talk shows. In Fact, Wake Up World boasts is, “America’s only six-hour morning show.” A show so revolutionary, it redefines the boundaries of "morning."

Wake Up World responds to current topical news but its true goal is to capture and satirize all the conventions of morning shows. From the vapid newsbreak girl to the banality of the host prattle, to the health and beauty segments, Wake Up World catches every nuance of just how inane and hilarious these show are.

The members of the Shoot the Messenger ensemble come from The Daily Show, Air America Radio, National Lampoon, Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City and Huffington Post. These political comics, writers, actors, filmmakers and producers scour the media and attempt to present news and current events even more brainlessly than the mainstream media already does. ...They do not always rise to that challenge.

Tickets: $10

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