TONIGHT at Michael Kohn Gallery - MARION PECK Animals: Recent Paintings 3.30. - 4.27.13.


 Michael Kohn Gallery is thrilled to announce the inauguration of Michael Kohn Projects, which proudly opens with an incredible pop-up exhibition of recent paintings by contemporary pop surrealist, Marion Peck.  This special project space, which is located within blocks of the Michael Kohn Gallery, features eleven new works that highlight the artist’s talent for meticulously painted narrative imagery. This particular body of work explores solitary animal figures placed in various situations and often anthropomorphized to reflect human emotion and mental states. These luscious paintings play with the kitschy stylization of animals while underscoring Peck’s faithfulness to Northern Renaissance realism in her treatment of landscape, flora, and the particularly stoic expressions of her subject matter.

The influence and direct citation of Renaissance masters is evident in works such as Wabbit, a play on Albrecht Durer’s iconic watercolor drawing of a young hare. Juxtaposing the scientific exploration of the original German work of 1503 with Disney’s Bugs Bunny, Peck’s Wabbit and other renditions of furry fauna confound our expectations of na├»ve, innocent wildlife with knowing facial expressions and dark realism.
Marion Peck earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and went on to study at two different MFA programs, Syracuse University in New York and Temple University in Rome. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide including Sloan Fine Art, Bellwether Gallery and DFN Gallery in New York, Roq la Rue, Davidson Galleries and the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, Galerie Magda Danyz in Paris, Galleria Giampiero Biasutti in Turin, The Laguna Art Museum and The Bristol Art Museum. Born in The Philippines while her family was on a trip around the world, she lived in Rome and Seattle before settling in Eagle Rock, California. 

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Tonight! Bawdy Storytelling Presents... 'The Unlikeliest Places' 8p @ El Cid in Silver Lake.

Ever have that moment where you wake up in a small county jail without your shoelaces, belt, or dignity? Yeah, me neither. How about some random bed where you try to remember where your pants are, where the handcuff key is, and why your ass hurts? Me neither. But have you ever wanted to hear stories from people who have, though? Yeah, me too!

This month, Bawdy Storytelling presents ‘The Unlikeliest Places’ — a firm and probing exploration into sexploration, LA style. From hopping a fence to getting drunk in a hospital to good ol’ stickin’ it where it don’t normally fit, come hear stories about boldly going where most men and women just shouldn’t, couldn’t, and in some states dictated by law, MUST NOT go.

This show will be a mix of renowned sex-positive celebrities for the curated portion of our show, followed by BawdySlam (where people just like you take to the Bawdy stage and share personal and intimate adventures for prizes and the title of Dirtiest Storyteller in LA). Bawdy’s award-winning take on sex and storytelling has made it not only a "don't miss" event in the cities we've already conquered, but it serves as a gathering of the bold, the beautiful, and (if our fan mail is to be believed) an awesome first date destination. Each themed evening of true dirty stories features tales of carnal wins and epic fails with no scripts, no nets, and no holds barred. You may even go home with a few new tricks for your boudoir arsenal!

As the great American poet Iggy Pop once said, “You know I’ve had it in the ear before…” Come to the gorgeous El Cid to enjoy tapas, flirting and stories that would make little Jimmy Osterberg blush!

- Sex Educator & Porn Icon Nina Hartley
- Bravo's Miss Advised & Sex with Emily's Emily Morse
- Fleshbot's Senior Erotic Consultant (& the brains behind GramPonante.com) Gram Ponante
- Music by The Turgidaires

Giveaways from Vixen Creations ("The Cadillac of Cock")

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BLACK LIPS Tomorrow Night @ Cinefamily - 8p

After two years of planning and tremendous changes throughout the region, the Black Lips’ tour of the Middle East finally came to fruition in the fall of 2012, but it wasn’t easy: promoters in Jordan and Egypt backed out because the band had just played in Israel, and a show in Iraq had to be changed at the last minute when an explicit band video was viewed by a government official. You Know, For Kids documents this journey through one of the most exciting regions in the world, including three groundbreaking stops in Egypt (the last known American rock band to play in that country being The Grateful Dead in 1978!) Get on the bus with The Black Lips and their friends, Lebanese indie rockers Lazzy Lung. See the people of the Middle East the way they really are: shopkeepers and restaurant owners, skaters, graffiti artists and musicians, revolutionaries and dreamers. Kids like you and us. You’ll never look at the Middle East the same way again.  

Director and Black Lips band members in person — plus, Cole Alexander will DJ after the film!

Dir. Bill Cody, 2013, digital presentation, 81 min.
Watch the trailer for “You Know, For Kids”!

The Black Lips: You Know, For Kids (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.


OLLIN's 10th Annual Tribute to THE POGUES - A Very Chicano St. Patrick’s Day at The Satellite.


This St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 17th, 2013 at The Satellite in LA’s Silver Lake 
burg. Come celebrate the continuing legacy of Irish/Brit acoustic punk pioneers THE POGUES in a spirited and spot on musical performance of their land mark album “Rum, Sodomy and The Lash”.

In its 10th year of life, this endearing tribute to THE POGUES has a uniquely Los Angeles lilt as it’s performed by EAST LA’s Chicano troubadours OLLIN.  The stage show masterfully replicates the early days of THE POGUES with historically correct instrumentation (accordion, tin whistle, banjo/mandolin, bass, and stripped down drum kit) and sonic respect to the brilliant production of “El Rey de America” Elvis Costello. The 2 set show also features material from the debut POGUES release, “Red Roses For Me” and selections from later releases, what sprouted as a simple tip of the sombrero to music and multi-cultural LA on St. Patrick’s Day, has bloomed into a tradition.  Die hard Pogues fans wait all year to fill the dance floor and sing (and drink) along to their favorite songs.

DOORS open at 8:30, show begins at 9pm. Tickets are $10

Special Guest, DJ Tumors will be spinning his rare collage of vintage LA punk and weird world sounds.

The Satellite 1717 Silver Lake blvd, LA CA 90027
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