Halloween Night! CINEFAMILY's Most Outrageous Kills w/ 'It Came From The Vaults' Classic Horror Trailers.

From the golden age of goremastery to the innovative new technologies of modern effects wizards, cinema is littered with the bodies of the awesomely dispatched — and cold-blooded murder, in the hands of innovative filmmakers who present it in ways we’ve never seen before, can be a heavenly fine art. Tonight, in a show originated at Austin, Texas’s Alamo Drafthouse, we’ll be celebrating the absolute finest in on-screen annihilation with a non-stop nightmare of intestine-ripping, head-bursting, unrepentant baby-eating and other crimson-soaked savagery! This night is intended for the most severe and iron-stomached bloodhounds around, and we accept absolutely no responsibility for lost lunches. Wimps and weekend horrormeisters, leave the hall; if you can’t stand the meat, stay out of the kitchen. See all you deathbeasts in the murderpit!

Also, Screening at 7:30p - "It Came From The Vaults" Classic Horror Trailers From The Academy Film Archive - Presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences -
The best movie trailers have always been wonderful, inspiring self-contained works in their own right, with a legacy extending far beyond their original sell-by dates. Tonight’s show — the start of a new biannual program co-presented by the Academy Film Archive, home of the largest 35mm trailer collection in the world — features a snappy selection of the wildest and most artful horror movie pre-show entertainment from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. As tension builds and shadows wind, the larger-than-life monsters, undulating titles, and shocking cuts found within these classic trailers add up to an equal amount of camp thrills and genuine weirdness — and we couldn’t be more excited. Show curated entirely from the Packard Humanities Institute Collection at the Academy Film Archive.  

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Cinefamily's Most Outrageous Kills 2012 

"It Came From The Vaults" Classic Horror Trailers From The Academy Film Archive
It Came From The Vaults: Classic Horror Trailers From The Academy Archive (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.


LAURIE ANDERSON returns to Royce Hall Tonight!

One of the most singularly captivating and iconic artists in contemporary performance, Laurie Anderson returns to Royce Hall tonight with Dirtday! In this all-new work, Anderson examines politics, theories of evolution, families, history, dreams and animals in a soulful collection of songs and stories, as told by Laurie and her alter ego, Fenway Bergamot.

Set against a detailed and lush sonic landscape, the stories and music create a unique hallucinatory world of dreams and reality.

The third and final element of Anderson’s triptych of solo story works—including Happiness and The End of the MoonDirtday! is the provocative culmination of Anderson’s groundbreaking work in this genre.

An interdisciplinary icon and electrifying performer, Laurie Anderson is synonymous with modern performance art. Her experimental creative approach extends to her career as a recording artist, visual artist and the creator of large-scale theatrical productions that combine music, multimedia, projected imagery and spoken word. She has entertained and influenced audiences and artists around the globe and is lauded for her unique and impeccable performance style, depth of context and commitment to exploratory work.


Groundbreaking Kraut- Rock group FAUST arrives at REDCAT Tonight!

Original Faust band-members Zappi Diermaier and Jean-Hervé Péron are joined by Geraldine Swayne and longtime collaborator Amaury Cambuzat of Ulan Bator for an evening of essential krautrock. Echt pioneers alongside Can and Kraftwerk, Faust created music in the ’70s that sounds like it was made yesterday. They improvised with industrial noise, generated bizarre hypnotic grooves, indulged in shockingly willful collages, dabbled in every conceivable musical genre, and found time for bursts of satirical pop and waves of delicate ambience. Enthusiastically embraced by a host of music notables—including Brian Eno, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Julian Cope—Faust turned on a host of industrial and techno bands, and revolutionized studio music production along the way.

“There is no group more mythical than Faust.” —Julian Cope

“A radical mix of musique concrète, Stockhausen, the Velvet Underground, and moments of almost pastoral beauty.” —NME (New Musical Express)


At The Bootleg Tonight! My Heart Is An Idiot: FOUND Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tour!

Tonight, at the BOOTLEG THEATER road warriors Davy and Peter Rothbart are hurtling their way over on FOUND Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tour, which celebrates the release of Davy’s book of personal essays, My Heart is an Idiot, Peter’s new album, and a brand-new issue of FOUND. The Rothbart Brothers are hopping back in the tour van, FOUND treasures in tow, and continuing their epic cross-country romp, that when it's all said and done , will total 37 states and 75 cities!

At each exhilarating show, Davy (FOUND’s plucky point guard) will share the latest magnificent and mesmerizing finds that’ve landed in the mailbox here at FOUND HQ, plus outrageous tales from his new book, while Peter (FOUND’s international heartthrob) will dazzle with beautiful, haunting, and hilarious songs based on FOUND notes. Come on out and join them for these parties! Please bring your finds to share, and please let your friends in other cities know that we’re headed their way!

The tour schedule is still being finalized, so dates may shift from those listed below; check their site HERE for frequent updates. And feel free to email them at info@foundmagazine.com with venue suggestions, invitations to your town or school or college, media requests, local partnerships, or any other thoughts or ideas about their upcoming tour.


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Tonight @ Walt Disney Concert Hall - Dudamel Conducts Where the Wild Things Are

The late Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book comes to life in Oliver Knussen’s charming one-act opera. This new production by UK director Netia Jones turns the well-loved book into a magical multimedia event by using innovative technologies that combine live performers with Sendak’s incomparable artwork. Sharing the bill is Ravel’s beloved Mother Goose, presented with equally imaginative video imagery.

Come for: The interaction of live performer images with Sendak’s unmatched artwork.


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