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Teatro de Facto & Bootleg Presents...


Exclusive Limited Engagement

Interviewing The Audience is an opportunity to expand the perception of theater and narrative with a simple, human approach. Specifically, members of each evenings audience will be asked to sit with Mr. Helm and allow themselves to be interviewed without any pre-conception or structure. The result is a series of stories so personal, so real, so emotionally deep, so strange that they often surpass our expectations more than any typical piece. Mr. Helm saw the late great Spaulding Gray perform the piece in Chicago and became immediately enamored with it. After a 5 night successful run in 2007, Teatro de Facto & Bootleg are bringing it back for a 2 Night Limited Engagement.

Mr. Helm is pleased to have another opportunity to curate and lead such a spontaneous and magical affair in Los Angeles, one of the unique convergences of people in the country. Mr. Gray was one of the premiere theater performers of American history. His 1st person monologues were widely performed and hugely popular. Interviewing The Audience was his attempt to create theater with the thrill of the unexpected in an atmosphere simple and approachable. It is also an opportunity to put the theater back in the hands of the audience, while underlining the theme that everyone has a story, everyone is a character, everyone writes their own life.

Mr. Helm is an Ovid Fellow, a PEN USA award winner, and a National Board of Review award recipient. His work includes the films Stranger Than Fiction and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, as well as the plays Last Chance For A Slow Dance and Good Canary (which is currently having its World Premiere in Paris, France). This will mark his first performance piece since discontinuing his work as a spoken word performer and monologuist over 10 years ago. Mr. Helm is the Artistic Director of Teatro de Facto, founded in 2008.

Friday and Saturday December 4th and 5th

Both shows at 8p

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Tonight @ CINEFAMILY - "Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts!" -

8p show sold out! : 1030p show added!

The great provocateur Andy Kaufman died 25 years ago, and tonight Cinefamily honors his legacy with the release of the new Process Media book "Dear Andy Kauman, I Hate Your Guts!" and an evening of rare and never-before-seen solid Kaufman gold pulled from the video archives of Lynne Margulies (Kaufman's girlfriend, director of the Kaufman doc I'm From Hollywood, and author of the book). Margulies will present a treasure trove of rarities including recently unearthed footage from Kaufman's brief but illustrious career as "Intergender Wrestling Champion of the World," his legendary, never-before-seen performance at LA Improv's "Midnight Snacks" in 1975, and a video, allegedly made by a German film crew, of someone driving to the Kaufman family plot in New Jersey and exhuming Andy’s corpse. Rumors have it that Tony Clifton may not show due to a recent "quadruple hernia," however, the evening will feature a special Q&A with Bob Zmuda, Andy's best friend and writer, who was present throughout Andy's wrestling glory days -- often as referee -- and the comedian Little Wendy, one of Andy's closest friends, who was often right outside the ring. A must see for any Andy Kaufman fan!


Wednesday @ the MARK TAPER FORUM - CULTURE CLASH'S 'Palestine New Mexico'

World Premiere

RUMORS, SECRETS, SAND AND BLOOD. U.S. Army Captain Catherine Siler journeys to the New Mexico reservation home of Private First Class Raymond Birdsong on a search for answers. The questionable circumstances surrounding Ray’s death in Afghanistan create a crisis of conscience for the captain giving her no choice but to re-examine her own life along the way.

Culture Clash, L.A.’s premiere Chicano performance group, returns to the MTF with a World Premiere play about America’s constantly shifting political landscape exploring loss, identity and the notion of occupied homelands.

Palestine, New Mexico promises to be an inherently theatrical work that mixes humor and cold fact to unforgettable and galvanizing effect.

From the Stage Veterano's that brought you the sold-out MTF hits Chavez Ravine and Water & Power.

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