Tonight @ CINEFAMILY - "Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts!" -

8p show sold out! : 1030p show added!

The great provocateur Andy Kaufman died 25 years ago, and tonight Cinefamily honors his legacy with the release of the new Process Media book "Dear Andy Kauman, I Hate Your Guts!" and an evening of rare and never-before-seen solid Kaufman gold pulled from the video archives of Lynne Margulies (Kaufman's girlfriend, director of the Kaufman doc I'm From Hollywood, and author of the book). Margulies will present a treasure trove of rarities including recently unearthed footage from Kaufman's brief but illustrious career as "Intergender Wrestling Champion of the World," his legendary, never-before-seen performance at LA Improv's "Midnight Snacks" in 1975, and a video, allegedly made by a German film crew, of someone driving to the Kaufman family plot in New Jersey and exhuming Andy’s corpse. Rumors have it that Tony Clifton may not show due to a recent "quadruple hernia," however, the evening will feature a special Q&A with Bob Zmuda, Andy's best friend and writer, who was present throughout Andy's wrestling glory days -- often as referee -- and the comedian Little Wendy, one of Andy's closest friends, who was often right outside the ring. A must see for any Andy Kaufman fan!

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