at CINEFAMILY - Rare Theatrical Run of 'The Beaver Trilogy' starring Sean Penn & Crispin Glover 4.18. thru 4.25.

After more than two decades of being out of theatrical circulation, the legendary triptych starring Sean Penn and Crispin Glover is back on the silver screen! Plus, director Trent Harris will be here in person for a Q&A after the film! Art. Obsession. Olivia Newton-John. For a far-out glimpse into how all these alchemical elements collide, look no further than Beaver Trilogy. In 1979, a chance meeting between eccentric surfer dude-type “Groovin’ Gary” and Trent Harris (who worked for a local Salt Lake City TV station) resulted in The Beaver Kid, a captivating short doc about Gary’s other life as an awkward, yet impassioned Olivia-styled female impersonator. Obsessively driven to the subject matter as much as Gary was driven to “be” Olivia, Harris years later refashioned the story into two separate fiction shorts — with one crudely shot on video starring a young Sean Penn, and the other starring the inimitable Crispin Glover. Viewed as a whole, Beaver Trilogy is an experience so distinct, layered, and brazenly raw that it eludes an appropriate cinematic analogy.

Dir. Trent Harris, 1979/1981/1985, digital presentation, 83 min.
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