March 12 @ 8p

Cinefamily Presents -

Two Films about The Fall
Truly standing out amongst hordes of contemporaries, The Fall is the most unique and prolific of all British post-punk bands. Starting in 1976 and still continuing on today, The Fall has released 27 albums, survived more lineup changes than Spinal Tap, and has remained the brainchild of its caustically witty, one-in-a-trillion vocalist Mark E. Smith. The 2005 documentary The Fall: The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Mark E. Smith gives an in-depth look at the band's shifts in styles, legendary BBC DJ John Peel's love of the band, and Smith's tumultuous relationship with pretty much every single one of the 50-some-odd ex-members of the band. The night's Fall energy continues with Hail The New Puritan, the outrageous mid-'80s docudrama about Michael Clark, the enfant terrible of the British dance world whose anatomically revealing costumes, sexually explicit choreography and collaborations with The Fall (and others such as Bruce Gilbert of the band Wire, and Glenn Branca) brought a previously unheard-of decadence to the stuffy ballet stage. Tickets - $10

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