One of the best places in the world, Machine Project, hosted an opening party Friday night for Chirsty McCaffrey and Sara Newey's latest project - a forest constructed inside the gallery. The crowds swelled off the sidewalk and into the traffic on Alvarado as the gallery started to hand out numbers to control the Eastside lumberjacks, nymphs, birdies, and bears waiting to get inside to feel the soul altering experience. Lush and beautiful, the space transformed throughout the night from a stroll in the woods to a lovers stargazing to a party at the moon-tower. Passing the threshold from The Forest back to the crowded sidewalk I was rewarded with some highlights of city living: a delicious beer and savory Chinese food courtesy of Kwong Dynasty's Noodle Fantasy!

The Forest is at Machine Project until April 24, 2009.
1200 D North Alvarado Los Angeles, CA 90026 213-483-8761
(photo of Mark Allen of Machine Project in The Forest by Jonathan Miertschin)

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