Tonight @ UCLA Live

LOS FARUCCO: Featuring Farruco, La Farruca, Barullo and La Faraona

The world-renowned first family of flamenco, Los Farruco, presents an unforgettable evening of spectacular flamenco song and dance. This powerful gypsy art form, known for its highly expressive solos, intense arm sweeps, rhythmic and powerful foot stomping, and laser-fast footwork, evokes a truly visceral experience. Los Farruco brings unparalleled authenticity to the medium, embodying the very lives of their gypsy ancestors, their struggles, triumphs, passions and sorrows.

20-year-old virtuoso, Farruco, grandson of flamenco master El Farruco, now helms the Los Farruco dynasty. Farruco’s mother, the passionate and commanding La Farruca, his aunt, the majestic La Faraona, and his cousin, the elegant yet powerful Barullo, join the young prodigy. Together, as Los Farruco, they continue the age-old traditions of flamenco passed down from generation to generation, father to son and mother to daughter.

Accompanied by two guitarists and three singers, Los Farruco brings this expressive and explosive art form to the stage for its Royce Hall debut. Tickets available here.

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