Neutra Party at VDL House in Silverlake

Tuesday | March 31: 7 to 9pm

Neutra VDL and Studio Residences / 2300 Silverlake Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039

The Conservancy is proud to co-sponsor a fundraiser for the Neutra VDL House in Silver Lake, an icon of Los Angeles modernism that needs significant funding for repair and maintenance.

The cocktail party features special guest Richard Longstreth, one of the country's leading architectural historians.

Tickets are $50. All proceeds will go directly toward the VDL restoration campaign.

Legendary architect Richard Neutra built the radical VDL "glass house" in 1932 as a research site and personal office. It was rebuilt in 1963 after a devastating fire. Neutra's wife Dione donated the house and compound to the Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design in 1990.

Green arrow for e-news jump linkTo attend: RSVP to Ms. Sam Friend, Cal Poly Pomona, at (909) 869-4629 or dsfriend@csupomona.edu


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