Friday at CINEFAMILY: Men, Mustangs, and Mustaches at Midnight!

3/6 @ Midnight / SERIES: Hot Wheels and Speed Demons

Gone In 60 Seconds is the ultimate car-lover flick made by the ultimate car lover: successful real estate businessmen H.P. Halicki, who wrote, starred, and directed the movie, leading America Film Magazine to dub him "the Orson Welles of car chase films." Utilizing his extensive car collection, and the junk yard he owned as part of his real estate holdings, Halicki constructed the most diabolical, fender-bending chase ever--40 non-stop minutes of high-speed insanity over the highways and byways of Southern California.

Most importantly, he did the stunts himself, weaving in and out of traffic on the LA freeways at a pulse-pounding speed sure to give vicarious pleasure to anyone who's ever been stuck on the 405. Alternating between stache-heavy '70s camp (this could have been the model for the classic Beastie Boys video "Sabotage") and documentary thrills, Gone In 60 Seconds is car porn at its finest!

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