At Cinefamily - Joe Sedelmaier: Commercial Genius

TONIGHT!! @ 8p

Joe Sedelmaier: Commercial Genius As one of his generation's quintessential Mad Men, television commercial director Joe Sedelmaier's work was iconic, dynamic and instantly recognizable--some twenty to thirty years later, people are still wondering "Where's the beef?". He turned the advertising world on its brain-damaged head by casting offbeat non-actors in still-unforgettable spots, and his brilliant, frequently hysterical commercials for Wendy's, Alaska Airlines, Federal Express and others were snappy slices of cultural quirk that tapped into the Cold War-fearing, corporate workaholic zeitgeist of the '70s and '80s with a humor that cracked billions of smiles, sold billions of burgers, and sped up the default rhythm of time-based media.

Tonight Sedelmaier will join the Cinefamily in person, and will be screening Point of View, a comprehensive retrospective of three decades of his work, followed by Open Minds, a short film by Sedelmaier described as "a celebration of persistence, denial, and indifference, all the makings of yet another American success story.

"Peter you did a bang up job I'm putting you in charge of Pittsburgh, Peter. I know it's perfect Peter that's why I picked Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's perfect, Peter. May I call you Pete" Dick what's the deal with the deal? Are we dealing? We're dealing. Dave it's a deal with Don, Dork and Dick, Dork it's a deal with Don, Dave and Dick...gotta go, disconnecting..."

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