Comedy Death Ray Series:
Where's Poppa?

presented by Sarah Silverman

According to tonight's host, Sarah Silverman, "I chose Where's Poppa? because I saw it once, and it blew my mind." We can vouch for the virtues of Carl Reiner's 1970 jet black comedy, which is an absolute classic of crass, loud, tush-baring tastelessness. George Segal stars as a schlamazel dying to throw his nutty, senile mom (Ruth Gordon, perfect as always) off a proverbial train. Matters are complicated when he meets the woman of his dreams, played to WASPy perfection by Trish Van Devere. Says Sarah: "It's so hardcore and silly, and funny in a way that I think is emerging now. I was surprised it existed then. Also, I only saw it once, and to be honest I fell asleep at the end. It wasn't the movie's fault, it just happens when I watch movies in bed. So it will be nice to know how one of my favorite movies ends." Come find out how it ends (and begins) tonight-- you haven't lived until you've seen Ruth Gordon wack a gorilla-suited George Segal in his hairy, hairy balls.
Dir. Carl Reiner, 1970, 35mm, 82 min.

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