Goran Bregovic's West Coast Debut Tommorrow Night @ Royce Hall

Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra

With a lively ensemble that includes a 4-piece classical string orchestra, a 6-man choir, and two Bulgarian female vocalists,- international star-Goran Bregovic & his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra are perhaps the largest, most diverse and most irresistible world music group to hit the Royce Hall stage. A household name in his native Balkans for more than three decades as a film composer and rock musician, Bregovic has been broadening his appeal around the world with his ecstatic, eclectic and charismatic style of gypsy dance music. The Spanish paper El Pais described the group as “one of the most beautiful symphonies of Old World Europe … [Bregovic] creates the most breath-taking music on this continent … intense, vigorous, colorful, passionate, exotic, fascinating.”

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