LACMA's French Crime Wave Series Continues w/ Jean Pierre Melville's 'Le Cercle Rouge'

Le cercle rouge
Friday, June 12 | 7:30 pm @ LACMA

Melville's last great gangster film is a masterpiece and a summation of his themes of honor, loyalty, and tragic destiny. Corey (Delon) is a cool, aristocratic thief, released from prison on the same day that Vogel (Volontè), a wild-eyed terrorist and murderer, escapes from police custody. With the help of a third man—an alcoholic ex-cop named Jansen (Montand)—they plan a daring heist from a jewelry store on the chic Place Vendôme. Combining silence, immaculate camerawork and precise editing rhythms, Melville delivers one of the greatest heist sequences on film while drawing brilliant performances from his three iconic actors. "Jean-Pierre Melville was the coolest, most stylish auteur of his time… He's had a great influence on my work… I learned how to hold a gun, and subsequently taught my actors, by watching Alain Delon in the films of Melville."—John Woo.

French Crime Wave
1970/color/150 min. | Scr/dir: Jean-Pierre Melville; w/ Alain Delon, Yves Montand, Gian-Maria Volonté.

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