TONIGHT CINEFAMILY's Comedy Death Ray Series Continues with Patton Oswalt Presenting "God Told Me To"

SERIES: Comedy Death Ray

God Told Me To -
Presented by Patton Oswalt

Filmmaker Larry Cohen's written a lot of movies based around gonzo satirical high concepts, from killer babies to killer Aztec dragon gods, to killer creamy desserts--heck, he probably wrote another one, dictated loudly into a microcassette recorder while stuck in L.A. traffic, before I could finish this sentence. But even by Mr. Cohen's high standards, God Told Me To is quite a feat of convoluted daring-do. Starting with a Charles Whitmore-style sniper, people all around New York are killing off strangers, calmly admitting their guilt, and offering only one explanation, "God told me to". From there, any possible attempt to say what happens in this wildly unpredictable mystery would easily qualify as a spoiler, but let me tempt you with a glowing, hermaphroditic yellow hippy with dreadful powers, played by a scar-faced Richard Lynch. Patton says: "“I picked God Told Me To because I’ve never seen it — and I’ve always wanted to see Andy Kaufman go on a shooting rampage.” That does happen, by the way.
Dir. Larry Cohen, 1976, 35mm, 91 min.

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