Angst in Your Pants?


Returning from their monumental London live performance of all 21 of their albums in 21 nights, Sparks land in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day to perform two landmark albums in their entirety--- their most recent 'Exotic Creatures Of The Deep' and the 70's sensation 'Kimono My House', to be followed by a selection of assorted Sparks favorites.

Also, today on KCRW "Bookworm" Michael Silverblatt talks with his favorite rock band about the art of writing pop songs. Ron and Russell Mael, the brothers who make up Sparks, prove to be as zany, quirky and smart as their music.

Tickets to the UCLA Live show available here.

"You can dress nautical Learn to tie knots
take lots of Dramamine out on your yacht
but when you're all alone and nothing bites
you'll wish you stayed at home with someone nice
but when you think you made it disappear
It comes again, "Hello, I'm here"
and I've got angst in my pants

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