February 17-18, 2009

Awaji Puppet Theater Company

Peerless in its uncanny integration of intricate three-person puppet manipulation, gorgeous costumes and sets, live shamisen music, and chanted narration, the Awaji Puppet Theater Company traces its roots to the originators of bunraku puppetry some 500 years ago--a legacy for which it has been named "Intangible Folk Asset" by the Japanese government.

Awaji now brings to Los Angeles three stunning works from the top shelf of its repertory: Hidaka-gawa Iriaizakura (The Cherry Trees Along the Hidaka River), an intense dance piece based on the famous folktale of a lovelorn woman transformed into a serpent; the lighthearted folk dance Ebisu-Mai (Dance of the Fisherman God); and Tsubosaka Reigen-ki (The Miracle at Tsubosaka Temple), a powerful traditional drama of intrigue and redemption in which a desparate couple commit double suicide but are reanimated through divine intervention.

Organized and produced by the Japan Society, New York, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, MEXT; The Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program; The Jim Henson Foundation; and Awaji Ningyo Shibai Support Group.

Tickets available here.

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