For a Thin Man, He Can Sure Drink

I have a theory that every generation thinks they invented fun. Those who came before them were a bunch of lame asses and those that follow are suckers who showed up after the party ended when all the good songs were written and the good drugs already smoked- leaving only seeds, stems and Emo. Anyone who actually believes this hogwash should get down to the Cinefamily and check out the series of Thin Man double-features, playing Saturdays all through February.

Nick and Nora, the film series' heroes are having a blast. The stay in swanky hotels, go to parties and nightclubs and keep up a steady stream of witty banter while they solve crimes and mix it up with boxers and bums; pickpockets, prostitutes and police detectives; high-class dowagers and low rent showgirls. The best part is- they do it all WASTED.

From the first moment we see Nick giving an impromptu master class in mixology to his bartender through every twist and turn on the way to the killer's final unmasking, our two heroes keep shaking, stirring and swilling a non-stop parade of cocktails- and they do it with relish- no guilt, no recrimination, just unabashed glee at indulging in their drug of choice- like the Cheech and Chong of booze.

The joie de vivre of the films is enhanced by seeing them at Cinefamily's Silent Movie Theatre. Unlike LA's other great revival house, this is not a movie palace but a small neighborhood theatre founded with the quixotic mission of showing classic flicks that might otherwise be forgotten. Even though it too has been lovingly restored the result is not cold opulence but low-key quirky charm. Cinefamily gives the feeling that we were at a secret clubhouse for film-lovers sharing the experience of watching great movies on the big-screen.

As we're looking down the barrel of our own little depression, we could do a lot worse than taking our cues from Cinefamily and Nick and Nora and keep the good times shaking, no matter how rattled we get.

Plan your Cinefamily / Thin Man experience here.

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