Who Needs Men When You've Got Bananas? Minsky's @ The Ahmanson

I pay my taxes. And I understand there are still some spots available on the team that President Obama is putting together to decide how to stimulate us. So I am volunteering and I've got an idea.

Burlesque. Yeah. Silly jokes, simple romantic songs and T n’ A.

I looked around the audience Friday night at the opening of MINSKY'S at the Ahmanson and everyone had a smile on their face and a leer in their eye. Even the straight ladies. Like they say in the show "a big flag and lot's of naked ladies dancing? That's America."

Apparently that's what got us through the Great Depression before film and T.V. became the touchstones of our national dialogue and I'm willing to bet your money that it can do it again. Look, I'd use my own but I've got two kids in private school and a huge Direc-tv bill...alright, alright, I know, we all have to make sacrifices right now.

Well... I love the school so I'm going to cancel the cable (the school would probably love that anyway) and start holding auditions.

No experience necessary, just a healthy body and a love for your country. We can all do that right?

Tony Award Winning Composer Charles Strouse
(Annie, Bye Bye Birdie) in rehearsals w/ Minsky's lyricist Susan Birkenhead @ CTG
MINSKY'S runs through March 1, 2009 at the Ahmanson Theatre. Tickets available here.

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  1. So, to compare this with the New York Times review, one would see that great minds think alike!