Cassavetes’ name has become a catchphrase among indie filmmakers over the last two decades. This is tiring, because a lot of films harp his legacy simply because they use improvisation and shaky camerawork, making you wonder if they even watched any of his films, or just heard the stories of the Hollywood actor-turned-iconoclastic-writer/director, mortgaging his house over and over again in order to make films the way he wanted. If you actually watch Cassavetes’ films, you instantly find that they are powerful and timeless stories of everyday people overcoming obstacles we all know, but with means and ways that are unusual, sometimes shocking, always compelling. You can love Cassavetes for many things: his raw style, his endless lovable energy, his compelling characters or the powerful performances he elicited from fellow actors. You don’t watch his movies as much as experience them, and, regardless what you may come to feel about them, you’ll walk out of the theater a changed person.

3.10. @ 8p
Shadows (co-star Lelia Goldoni in person!)

3.11. @ 7:30p
Too Late Blues shown with The Best of "Johnny Staccato"

3.12. @ 7:30p
An Evening With Ben Gazzara (feat. Husbands)

3.13. @ 5:30p
A Sunday With Ben Gazzara
(feat. The Strange One, The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie & Saint Jack)

3.15. @ 8p
An Evening With Seymour Cassel (feat. Minnie And Moskowitz)

3.18. @ 7:30p

3.19. @ 7p
A Woman Under The Influence
shown with

3.20. @ 5p
Cassavetes-As-Actor Sunday
(feat. Mikey & Nicky, Machine Gun McCain & 3rd film TBA!)

3.24. @ 7:30p
Love Streams shown with Opening Night

"I don't give a fuck what anybody says. If you don't have time to see it, don't. If you don't like it, don't. If it doesn't give you an answer, fuck you. I didn't make it for you anyway."
- John Cassavetes

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