Dance - Eiko & Koma: Regeneration now @ REDCAT through 3.6. -

Eiko & Koma
: Regeneration

Collaborative partners for more than 40 years, Eiko & Koma are venerated for their groundbreaking dance works—works that have been performed in gallery spaces, a graveyard, a river—placing their bodies within visual landscapes and evoking near-geologic expanses of time. Stark and elemental, the works use precision and stillness as the duo creates resonant performances of slowly evolving movement and image. Presenting the seminal works White Dance and Night Tide along with their latest piece, Raven, these undisputed innovators offer a powerfully moving triptych that traverses their early career and delves into dark worlds to elicit a profound contemplation of the unyielding forces of nature and human desire.

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