Now @ REDCAT- Cloud Eye Control:Under Polaris

Los Angeles premiere

Cloud Eye Control: Under Polaris

At once playful and deeply expressive, this young Los Angeles-based multimedia ensemble confronts head-on the tension between primal nostalgia and modern technological optimism. In their latest mix of projected animation, live theater and electronic music, Cloud Eye Control charts an epic journey across a vast arctic expanse—a sublime icebound landscape illuminated under the ethereal lights of the Northern sky. At the center of Under Polaris is the quest to preserve, inside pristine shards of ice at the top of the world, a seed containing the wealth of all human history: a back-up system for our genetic imprint and the sum total of our personal memories. En route, the story’s protagonist shape-shifts into many a mythic creature to survive the elements and, in the process, learns about the inextricable interdependence of humans and nature. Formed in 2004, Cloud Eye Control consists of animation and media artist Miwa Matreyek, writer, musician and actor Anna Oxygen, and director Chi-wang Yang.

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