at CINEFAMILY - The Return of the Jerry Beck Animated Spooktacular

World-renowned cartoon historian Jerry Beck (editor/co-creator of Cartoon Brew and author of countless volumes on the genre) brings to the Cinefamily a once-a-month selection of rare and astounding animation nuggets from around the world!

Trick or treat, a few weeks early. For the second year in a row, animation historian Jerry Beck will be screaming… err, screening a selection of strange and creepy Halloween related animated cartoons using vintage prints in 16mm and 35mm. Prepare to be dazzled by animated witches, warlocks, goblins, pumpkin-heads, black cats and friendly ghosts! Milton the Monster, Casper, and all the famous monsters of filmland will be here. Special guest animators will show their films and discuss their ghastly influences.

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