The second annual ID Film Festival Opens Tomorrow Night @The Japanese American National Museum

The second annual ID Film Festival showcases films that challenge and celebrate what it means to be Asian.

  • Seikaku (Directed by Jaysn Kim) - Short

  • Sunsets (Directed by Michael Aki & Eric Nakamura): A special never-before-seen new cut. This film is part of our Class of 1997 retrospective.

    Sunsets, the first feature by filmmakers Michael Aki and Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura, opens the festival with a brand new cut. Premiered as part of the Class of 1997 at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival over a decade ago, Sunsets has never been commercially released. ID Film Fest presents this rare opportunity to look at this first feature by two talented filmmakers.

    Shot on grainy black and white 16mm film, the very medium of rebel cinema, Sunsets chronicles the ennui, drunken bouts and petty crimes of three young men, a white guy, a Hispanic and a Japanese American (played by filmmaker Aki himself) growing up in Watsonville. The film is very much a coming-of-age story that is compelling in its purity and rawness. Smart, funny and irreverent, this little seen film shows a rare slice of Asian American cinema never been attempted before. A critic has asserted that the film is “smarter and more credible than anything Gregg Araki has come up with.” - Gillian Sand

    Sunsets is preceded by the “Seikaku,” a compelling documentary short about a Japanese tattoo artist in Los Angeles. The short was produced as a student project for UCLA's Ethnocommunications program. -
    10 PM - Opening Reception.

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