Don't Smell the Floss (Write Bloody Publishing)

The author will present his new book of short stories. Says Andrew Leland of The Believer, "I was kittied to death by these stories. Matty Byloos's fiction doesn't go down smooth, and that's a good thing: his sentences are hot blurts that bust rudely and hilariously into the reader's consciousness. The revelations of Byloos's book are many.'"

Byloos founded and published the literary zine Smalldoggies from 2001 to 2005. His fiction has been published in Fishwrap, Schtick, Undershorts and The Fanzine; in 2004 he was included in the UCLA Hammer Museum's New American Writce Literary Arts Center, Beyond Baroque. In addition, Byloos is an accomplished painter with a history of exhibiting both nationally and internationally.
ing Series; and during 2002-03, he ran the Monday night fiction writing workshop at the Veni.

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