Go See: Franz West’s “To Build a House You Start with the Roof" at LACMA

Spanning from early interactive work from the 1970s to more recent large installations, LACMA’s retrospective exhibition on Austrian artist Franz West is his most comprehensive in the United States so far. The exhibition, organized by The Baltimore Museum of Art, explores West’s history and position and highlights West’s critical contributions to post-1965 art. West expanded the definition of sculpture as an environmental and social experience and “continues to do so today,” according to Michael Govan, LACMA CEO. His work with furniture, found materials, papier-mâché has infused his work with a unique European character. Informed by philosophers Freud Wittgenstein, West brings together the aesthetics of trash art and painterly abstraction in prosthetic and biomorphic forms. West’s collages, installations, sculptures and furniture can be experienced in over a hundred objects at LACMA, now through June 7th, 2009.

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