At LACMA Tonight - Nagisa Oshima's Boy (Shonen)

Boy (Shonen)
Friday, May 8 - 730p

In the Realm of Oshima

Based on a true story that shocked Japan, this film is a double portrait of a desperate family and the grasping society in which they live. A ten-year-old child fakes being hit by cars so his parents can collect damages from the shaken drivers. With rigorous empathy, Oshima portrays the father, who was a soldier in the war and whose wounds are both real and symbolic, the hard-nosed stepmother, and their two children, the unblinking boy and his mercifully uncomprehending baby brother. Oshima called his film "a prayer."

1969.New 35mm print color.105 min.Scope. Scr: Tsutomu Tamura; dir: Nagisa Oshima; w/ Tetsuo Abe, Fumio Watanabe, Akiko Koyama.

Read Derek Malcom's Guardian essay on the film here.

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