At REDCAT Friday

Partch DARK/Partch light

Harry Partch was famous for his multihued, many-splendored musical personalities--from contemplative to whimsical, from darkly brooding to achingly hilarious. The ensemble directed by John Schneider continues its multimedia survey of the one-of-a-kind American composer and raconteur with a program that features the out-and-out zaniness of Yankee Doodle Fantasy; the forlorn and beautiful Eleven Intrusions; the intensely anguished Dark Brother (a setting of Thomas Wolfe's "God's Lonely Man"); and the cheerful loopiness of Two Settings from Finnegans Wake and O Frabjous Day! (The Jabberwock). Also: a rare screening of Madeline Tourtelot's art-house film Windsong (1958). And, as always, the fantastic array of Partch's custom-built microtonal instruments.

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