@ CINEFAMILY - Garry Shandling Presents: 'The King of Comedy'

January 12, 2011 - Garry Shandling is simply one of the most influential comedians of our time. His first appearance on the Tonight Show came just three years after he began performing stand-up, and soon after that he was sitting behind Carson’s legendary desk, guest-hosting the show. It was during those stints filling in for Johnny that Garry began to formulate the aesthetic of his transcendent and legendary HBO comedy series The Larry Sanders Show: a hilarious and painfully truthful behind-the-scenes examination of a late-night network talk show. Garry is the dream comedian to kick-off the WFiFF, and for his film pick, has decided to present 1983’s The King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese’s fascinating and disturbing tale of fame. This dark comedy follows Robert De Niro as a delusional comedy nerd who’ll go to truly insane lengths to get onto a famous TV talk show hosted by Jerry Lewis. Essential viewing. Garry Shandling will be at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!

Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1983, 35mm, 109 min.

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