Thursday @ REDCAT - New Original Works Festival 2009 Program Two


New Original Works Festival 2009

Program Two

Carole Kim w/ Oguri, Alex Cline and Dan Clucas: N1
Carole Kim's hallucinatory mix of live-feed video and layered projections form an immersive installation that refracts the live performances of celebrated dancer-choreographer Oguri, percussionist-composer Alex Cline and multi-instumentalist Dan Clucas. The inventive media artist and her collaborators use time and technology to twist the myth of Narcissus, with a visual vocabulary that evokes a dreamlike state in which past and future mysteriously entwine.

Jennifer The Leopard: Leop Year (No Jamming)
The performance art inspired punk collective of Lauren Fisher, Stephanie Hutin, Lana Kim and Marissa Mayer portrays unpredictable artmaker-songwriters whose band, Jennifer The Leopard, aims to fuse feminism and cock-rock into a new genre of post-punk under the guise of an "all-girl band." The band, popularly known as J-Lep, stages a multimedia event featuring songs about celebrity sightings and knife fights while it pits an on-stage "audience" against the real one in a show that is part bitchin' rock concert and part post-studio pep rally.

Starts @ 8:30p

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