Hungarian Rock @ Cinefamily Tonight!

British DJ extraordinaire Andy Votel will be in person at the Cinefamily to spin tunes and to present what is both a remarkable achievement in Hungarian pop culture and Eastern European film, starring some of the leading lights of both Communist era New Wave cinema and the forward-thinking Hungarian rock scene. Szép lányok, ne sírjatok! (aka Don't Cry, Pretty Girls) stars Jaroslava Schallerova (fresh from her leading role in Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders) alongside Hungarian rock goddess Sarolta Zalatnay and a cast of freak-rock non-actors plucked from the disgruntled state-governed Qualiton and Pepita record label rosters, in this underhanded tribute to the "silenced" pop group Illes.

Directed by Marta Mészáros (wife of Hungarian New Wave luminary Miklós Jancsó) and featuring heavy footage of bands like Metro, Syrius and Omega (who can be heard on the recently released "Well Hung" compilation on Finders Keepers Records), this buried and previously untranslated film, in disguise as a working-class drama/rock festival liberation expose, holds serious appeal to fans of both Polish and Czech Cinema, Mod culture, Youth culture and obscure 70's rock music.

Don't Cry, Pretty Girls Dir. Marta Mészáros 1970, digital presentation, 90 min

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