At REDCAT - Zoe Beloff

Zoe Beloff: Conjuring Specters

New York artist Zoe Beloff's unique and mesmerizing films are philosophical toys-objects with which to think. Her work has especially focused on "phantoms," on images that are "not there," and on a precinematic version of the virtual-created by means of a stereoscopic Bolex camera that produces spectral 3-D images. Shadowland Or Light From The Other Side (2000, 32 min., 3-D 16mm, b/w), starring Kate Valk of The Wooster Group, locates a link between Victorian spiritualism and the birth of cinema in late-19th century "Ghost Shows," where actors interacted with magic lantern slides and stereoscopic views. Charming Augustine (2004, 40 min., 3-D 16mm film, b/w) is an experimental narrative inspired by one of Charcot's most famous patients at the Salpétrière in turn-of-the-century Paris. It explores connections between photographic documentation of hysteria and the prehistory of narrative film: Augustine captivates the doctors with her theatrical and photogenic hysterical attacks and in the process becomes a star-the "Sarah Bernhardt" of the asylum.

*Zoe Beloff will be there in person

Tonight at 8:30p

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