80's Parisian Punk Underground at Cinefamily TONITE

Two films celebrating the early '80s European punk rock diaspora!

Considered to be a "lost" film until its very recent re-discovery, La Brune Et Moi is a whizz-bang tour through the Parisian punk underground, co-starring Pierre Clementi (The Conformist, Belle De Jour) and a long list of energetic Gallic bands like Taxi Girl, the Go-Go Pigalles and Astroflash.

In 1980, director Philippe Puicouyoul "borrowed" the production gear being used on a separate film he was working on, in order to clandestinely knock out this paean to one of the high points in the history of French rock 'n roll. While it has the most threadbare of plotlines, the film is really an effervescent excuse to showcase the best 'n brightest of the scene at the time, which it does in a seriously fun way. Second on the evening's bill is possibly the rarest and coolest film of the entire fest--one that we still can't announce the title of, since we're unsure of the condition of the print we'd like to show--but rest assured, once you've seen it, you'll thank us for having shown it.

La Brune Et Moi Dir. Philippe Puicouyoul, 1980, MiniDV, 50 min.
second film TBA Dir. ??, 198?, 16mm, 90 min.

Tickets - $10

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