Deedee Cheriel - Opening Reception this Satruday June 22, 8-11p @ Mary Karnowski Gallery

Artist Deedee Cheriel’s fourth solo show at Merry Karnowsky gallery will open on June 22nd. 'Episodes in the Abundant Oasis' utilizes seemingly disparate influences including Indian temple imagery, punk, feminism and naturalism, set within a landscape inspired by a childhood amidst the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.

From a previous career playing in seminal girl bands, the LA-based Cheriel has evolved from making album covers and T-shirts into an acclaimed and sought-after street artist and one of the genre’s few female success stories.

Her unique visual narratives convey an unsettled sense of yearning and the complexities inherent in human connection. Describing her work and influences, Cheriel says,“The tedious dramas of everyday life find comedic remedy in my petite narratives. Wanting something that is unattainable, living with a sick boyfriend, trying to connect with girlfriends of different racial and social standings – all these experiences become anthropomorphic characters entangled in folkloric fairytales in my work.“

With nuances of East Indian art, the bold elements in Cheriel’s work – both urban and natural, as well as pop culture – are indications of how we try to connect ourselves to others and how these heroic efforts are episodes of both compassion and discomfort.  These landscapes suggest an ability to find commonalities and relationships between our selves and our surroundings that inevitably confirm our common humanity and our ultimate quest for love. .

Cheriel’s work has recently been featured in Dutch Vogue, and the UK daily Independent Newspaper, and will also be used by Obey, the line of clothing by influential artist Shepard Fairey who describes Cheriel's pieces as “whimsical, but profound in their ability to shift the viewer’s perspective to value all life equally. Her work is idiosyncratic in the most ideal way... it is a reflection of her unique personality.”

Deedee Cheriel’s solo show will appear at Merry Karnowsky Gallery from June 22nd to July 20th.

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  1. Thanks for the intro. Went to the gallery's site and liked the other pieces too. Kind of Reverend Finster crossed with the designs from the "Rite of Spring."