GO SEE - Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good) Now @ REDCAT

Los Angeles premiere!

The acclaimed multimedia collective of ingenious artists from the U.K. and Germany playfully deploys an inventive arsenal of live video and performance techniques to celebrate the culture-bending heyday of Andy Warhol’s Factory. Live recreations of scenes from the 1965 Edie Sedgwick vehicle Kitchen—acted out on bare-bones sets and viewed as black-and-white projections—are spliced with other Warhol celluloid adventures to evoke an elusive, mythic time and place—its hedonistic experimentalism, its wave of social change. Shrewdly crafted and frequently hilarious, Gob Squad’s live versions of the films collide with the immediate here-and-now to surprising effect, transporting the audience to an explosively creative era and unearthing the depths beneath the shiny surface of modern life.

- Read Charles McNulty's review HERE...

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