@ The Hammer Museum - Two-night screening of Shoah (1985) on Monday, 3.26 and Tuesday, 3.27


The Hammer Museum presents a two-night screening of Shoah (1985) on Monday, March 26 at 7pm and Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm in the Billy Wilder Theater.

Shoah, Claude Lanzmann’s monumental epic on the Holocaust, features interviews with survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators in 14 countries. The film does not contain any historical footage but rather features interviews that seek to remember the Jewish tragedy and revisits places where the crimes took place.

(1985, Dir. Claude Lanzmann, First Era: 273 min. Second Era: 230 min. total: 503 min.)

An extraordinary film...One of the noblest ever made. It is not a documentary, not journalism, not propaganda, not political. It is an act of witness. —Roger Ebert

Shoah is one of the greatest documentaries in the history of the cinema…you must see it. —New York Magazine

In conjunction with the exhibition Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972.
First Era, MON MAR 26, 7PM
Second Era, TUE MAR 27,7PM

Learn More Here... hammer.ucla.edu

ALL HAMMER PUBLIC PROGRAMS ARE FREE. Exhibition walk through are free with museum admission. Hammer members receive priority seating.

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