Go See – Chuck Close @ BLUM & POE now on view thru 12. 22.11

Chuck Close is showing new work at the Blum & Poe gallery in Los Angeles, marking his first solo show at the gallery and first major exhibition in Los Angeles after almost two decades. The showcase debuts small-scale oil portraits of musician Paul Simon, art patron Agnes Gund, and artists Zhang Huan and Laurie Anderson.

Close’s emphasis on portraiture and introspection spans his 50-year career. On an art historical level, Close is both a departure from and an exploration of Post-Clement Greenberg abstract expressionism, drawing on photo-realism and representational portraiture as well as modes of aesthetic design to evolve his trademark introspection. Also exhibiting more experimental work in this exhibition, Close uses a variety of printmaking techniques, most recently that of Belgian Jacquard tapestries. His range of media includes Polaroids or Daguerreotypes, pen and pencil, conté crayon, pastel, watercolor, finger painting, and stamp-pad ink on paper.

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