Now @ REDCAT -Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako: more more more… future

Three exceptional male dancers led by renowned Congolese choreographer and director Faustin Linyekula join with a raucous on-stage band in this fervent celebration of hope in the face of the ongoing legacy of war and ruin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Set to the blistering poems of political prisoner Antoine Vumilia Muhindo—Linyekula’s childhood friend—more more more… future brings original music by Kinshasa guitar sensation Flamme Kapaya, who mixes infectious, hip-swinging Congolese pop with hefty doses of raging rock.

Linyekula and Kapaya build the performance around the pop genre of
ndombolo, inverting that genre’s lurid fantasies of easy fame and riches into vivid stories of economic hardship and social injustice experienced daily by the Congolese people as they seek to reclaim their future. “To be positive is the most subversive,” Linyekula writes. “Celebrating is a way of resisting.”The 2011 U.S. tour of more more more... future is produced by MAPP International Productions in partnership with The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium.

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