Los Angeles Irish Film Festival October 1-3 at the Aero Theatre

celebrates the Irish passion for storytelling, a tradition that started around the hearth of every Irish household and has found its way onto the world stage through the medium of film. Coupled with the treasures of Ireland’s moviemaking past, LAIFF presents modern works as diverse as they are unique, creating a cinematic barometer for the cultural climate of Ireland in 2010.

Kicking off the festival is a double feature of the Los Angeles premieres of MY BROTHERS and SWANSONG: STORY OF OCCI BYRNE, both powerful coming-of-age dramas portraying the complexities of family ties. Also in store is A SHINE OF RAINBOWS, a delightful, family-friendly tale of a young orphan’s voyage to an enchanting island; CUP CAKE, a quirky comedy about an introverted 20-something inheriting his family’s cupcake shop; and THE YELLOW BITTERN, a fascinating documentary about Irish folk-singer Liam Clancy. Closing the festival is Jim Sheridan's THE FIELD, starring the illustrious Richard Harris as a willful, rough-edged farmer who refuses to auction off his family’s land to a wealthy American bidder.

Come muse, explore, celebrate and be entertained with the LAIFF... and bring an umbrella just in case! Some programs for this festival are not at the Aero Theatre. It kicks off September 30 at the Motion Picture Academy's Linwood Dunn Theatre. There will be an industry seminar on Friday, October 1st in the afternoon.

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