Friday @ The CINEFAMILY Dennis Hopper in - WHITE STAR

DENNIS HOPPER in White Star - 10:00pm Screening

If you're like The Cinefamily, you’ve often fantasized about a world in which a gold-chain-and-calculator-watch clad Dennis Hopper emits a frenzied tirade of obscenities, boozy nostalgic rock reminiscences about hanging with the Stones, Winston Churchill quotes, and futuristic prophesies before running over hardcore punks with his fur-upholstered car. Yearn no more!

Made in 1981, whilst the synth-pop takeover in Germany was in full effect, White Star has Hopper playing a jive-talking has-been tour manager who vies to take his latest Tangerine Dream-like discovery straight to the top of the pops. For hardcore Hopperheads, this is the major discovery of our retrospective: Roland Klick's White Star is balls-out, mood-swingin', pure, unadulterated Hoppermania, and his performance is ultimately so awesomely unfiltered it seems it almost shouldn't exist. And since White Star has only previously been exhibited in the U.S. in a heavily reedited version called Let It Rock, it almost didn't for American viewers. One part bizarro European post-punk industry crackdown and three parts Hopper delirium avalanche, White Star is endlessly gratifying.

Dir. Roland Klick, 1983, DigiBeta, 92 min

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