National Lampoon's 40th Anniversary w/ Matty Simmons @ CINEFAMILY 6.25.

One of the ultimate brand names in comedy, National Lampoon has helped to define the sensibilities of the Boomer Generation, Generation(s) X, Y, and now Z, as its legacy is still felt today across the cultural landscape. National Lampoon's magazines, stage shows, and films launched the careers of the most esteemed groups of entertainment alumni ever come to from one place -- writers, actors and directors of virtually every '80s comedy smash (Caddyshack, Vacation, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) seemed to get their start there. A vast swath of your favorite things to laugh along with ("Saturday Night Live", "South Park", The Hangover and the like) might never happened without National Lampoon's groundbreaking mixture of savage satire, wicked spoofs and all manner of shocking, brash, game-changing humor -- and tonight, we we pay our respects to this venerable institution with a 40th anniversary tribute featuring rare and underseen Nat Lamp nuggets, including: Lemmings, a document of the seminal early '70s Woodstock parody featuring soon-to-be megastars Chevy Chase, John Belushi and Christopher Guest; Disco Beaver From Outer Space, the rude, crude and crazy '78 HBO special that blows apart the piccadillos of the Carter era; and, Class of '86, the yuppie-skewering off-Broadway stage show. Capping off the evening is a 35mm show of Animal House, still the defining "slob comedy", and still funnier than ever. FOOD FIGHT!!!! National Lampoon guru Matty Simmons will be at the Cinefamily in person for a Q&A after the show, along with other special National Lampoon guests.

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