Be on the lookout for Shadow Billionaire, a new documentary by Alexis Spraic about DHL Founder and billionaire Larry Hillblom who seemingly vanished into thin air when he failed to return from a routine flight in his vintage Seabee airplane. Before he was officially declared dead, bar girls throughout the Phillipines, Saipan and Vietnam came forward claiming to have children by Larry and seeking a piece of his vast fortune.

SHADOW BILLIONAIRE unravels the secretive life of this enigmatic and reclusive tycoon. The battle over his estate took on epic proportions, pitting impoverished teenage prostitutes against Larry’s former business associates and several of the largest law firms in the world.

A David and Goliath story, this documentary unravels a life of of mystery and exposes the underpinnings of how money, desire and greed clash when the stakes soar too high. If you liked Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Boogie Man about Lee Atwater or the BBC doc Guys and Dolls, consider this a must-see. - Steve K

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