Francois Truffaut's "SMALL CHANGE" @ CINEFAMILY this SUNDAY 3.21.

Francois Truffaut is widely remembered for his brilliantly uncanny exploration of childhood in The 400 Blows, but a lesser known picture called L’argent de poche (alternately known as Small Change or Pocket Money) may be his true masterpiece of the genre. Presenting a vast array of vignettes about youth, Truffaut weaves together a joyously mischievous slice of life triumph. Small Change bursts with color and features a cast of wonderfully natural non-actors in a range of epic moments “from the first bottle to the first kiss,” as Truffaut explained it.

The Film Desk has graciously re-released the film with a beautiful restored print that’s currently touring North America. It’s at Cinefamily this Sunday, and then heading to Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ohio. Don’t miss a chance to see this sparkling film on the big screen!

Via We Love You So.

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