Saturday 2.20 - Delicious Vinyl All Stars DJ workshop

Starting this month, Delicious Vinyl will be hosting a monthly workshop and demonstration event for aspiring DJs, producers and moguls. Located at Freak City, a collective storefront on 6613 Sunset Blvd. blocks from the heart of Hollywood, the All Stars Workshop will be a forum for DJs, musicians and engineers to come together and share new techniques and ideas.

In attendance will be West Coast Turntablist DJ M.Walk one of the LEGENDS from the Original 1580 KDAY Mix Masters. A true DJ and Producer, M.Walk started on the turntables at age 12 in Compton, Ca. By the time he was 16, he was on the only hip hop radio station in the nation 1580 KDAY. He was the youngest DJ in the crew as a Junior in high school. He was the first to play Tone Loc's "On Fire" on KDAY and M.Walk later toured with Tone worldwide later with MC Hammer and The Pharcyde.

Also in attendance will be Arabian Prince aka Professor X from NWA and Tony G.of TurntableU.

The Workshop is FREE all you have to do is RSVP . Participants will be encouraged to showcase techniques, secrets, tweaks, mods and collaborate whenever possible.

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