What is Alice In Wonderland about? I never read it. Is there some overriding metaphor that I don't know about? The passage from childhood to adolescence? How old is Alice anyway? I don't know. The story never captured my imagination. Maybe because of my gender. Is it more a girls story? I mean I know it's about a girl but...whatever.

Project: Wonderland doesn't offer any particular insight. It just delivers the story really well. It's beautiful to look at, It works great with a live band and some wonderful live voices. It surrounds you with sensation. Pulls you into the looking glass along with Alice and spits you back out later with no intermission and it feels like no real time has passed at all.

I took a five year old and an eight year old and they didn't flinch. They loved it. It is a perfect introduction to the sensory pleasures of theater and a vividly told story.

I still don't know what the point is but i really don't care.

- JK

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